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Every Day is a Winding Road


I love a good road trip. There’s something about driving for a few hours that puts me in a creative and happy-go-lucky mood. Maybe it’s the air flowing through open windows, or the unpredictability of what song might play next on the radio (Beth and I enjoy a good sing-along), or the exploration of unfamiliar territories, but the energy just feels fresh.

Calendar Doodle

Calendar Doodle

While driving the hundred or so miles between Phoenix and Sedona, I started rattling off some astrological babble to Beth, who declared she really didn’t get what I was talking about. Astrology has its own language, one that I am just beginning to decode. So, as we made our way to the red rocks, I gave my co-pilot some basic lessons about Astrology, refreshing my own understanding in the process. As we continued along the wildflower and cactus-lined highway, we brainstormed and chatted and and daydreamed about what we wanted to create in our lives, in the context of the energies at hand.

With regard to any elaborate philosophy or science, a high-level understanding of the basics can be just enough to get started. Patanjali’s The Yoga Sutras is considered the most prominent text in western culture for learning yogic philosophy. The Sutras are composed of 196 statements that are each deceivingly simple, yet infinitely complex. It is said that each Sutra, or connective thread, must be “unpacked” to understand the deep, esoteric knowledge contained within it.

During teacher training last weekend, we spent twelve hours filling up on knowledge from a Swami to understand the basics of The Yoga Sutras. While two days of sitting on the (hardwood) floor, giving one’s undivided attention to the teachings of an ancient, philosophical text might seem grueling, it perhaps held the most profound opportunity for expansion of the entire teacher training experience. Contained within the Sutras are universal truths about the human experience. Once we begin to understand these fundamental truths, we can look at our experience and ourselves from a completely fresh perspective.

Swami Sunday - Image Credit: the fabulous Lisa Bermudez

Kirtan with Dhanurdhara Swami – Image Credit: (the fabulous) Lisa Bermudez

Truth is transformative in the sense that, once it has been uncovered (read: it was always there to begin with), it can change everything. That is why we (sometimes) fear the truth; it often seems easier to hold onto our familiar, comfortable (or uncomfortable) circumstances than deal with the consequences associated with truth. Truth can also be deceivingly simple, yet infinitely complex in its implications.

One need not understand the basics of Astrology or the Yoga Sutras to perceive the truth that we are in the midst of a BIG shift (though they are both helpful tools to help us navigate more easily). From marriage equality to immigration reform to marijuana legalization to North Korea to Hurricane Sandy to Sandy Hook to the Pope, changes of an enormous scale are under way on our planet. With the New Moon in Aries on Wednesday, April 10th, we can begin to feel the rumblings of these changes in our individual lives.

A very basic level of understanding allows us to harness the overwhelmingly positive potential of this particular New Moon:

  • New Moons represent a powerful window of opportunity to seed a new intention
  • Intention is defined by Merriam Webster as what one intends to do or bring about
  • Aries energy is associated with my wants and needs, as an individual, often characterized by the phrase “my way or the highway

With the energy of the New Moon in Aries at hand, now is the time to identify your truth. Your truth might be about what you want to do in the world, or who you love, or expressing who you truly are. Once you know what is true for you (and you only) and, thus, determine what it is you truly want, you need only chart a course to get there. Luckily, we have a highly-accurate, built-in GPS known as Following Your Heart (an app that comes standard on this operating system and has recently undergone a series of upgrades).

To that end, start to imagine your next road trip. Where are you going? Who are you driving with? What stuff will you pack? What sights do you want to pull over and see along the way? Will you take the highway or the scenic route? What kind of snacks will you bring along? What songs are on your playlist?

With the arrival of this New Moon in Aries, we’re all getting ready for a fresh, fun road trip. So far, I know I’ll be bringing my yoga practice, my astrology, my essential oils, and some phenomenal company. As for the rest, that is still TBD (and I am OK with that).

While we’re on the dark side of the moon, it’s a good idea to fill up your tank, get your things together, and have your GPS programmed and ready to go. And buckle up, cause it’s going to be a wild ride.

Here’s a Sheryl Crow tune to get you in the mood:

Happy road tripping, yogis!


Author: Ali

I relocated from NY to HI. These are my stories.

4 thoughts on “Every Day is a Winding Road

  1. i love this!! i’m going to think of what intentions to set tomorrow. and the song is perfect for this summery weather. it reminds me of being a teenager 🙂

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!! OMG. Just forwarded it to a bunch of friends. gonna tweet it now. goooooo girl!!!

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