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Know When To Fold ‘Em

Since graduating from our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training a little over three weeks ago, several people have asked me:

So, are you going to start teaching now? What is your plan?

Teacher Training asked me to go outside my comfort zone in a multitude of ways, not least of which was giving up more or less all of my personal time. When it was over, I felt excited and proud, but also drained, and in need of a serious break.

One of the secrets to thriving in New York City is knowing when to fold ‘em – that is, to lock the door, draw the shades, order Seamless, and indulge in a DVR marathon with the iPhone set to “do not disturb.” In a city where survival demands a great deal of your energy, it is crucial to have ample down time to recharge your batteries. This was simply not available (enough) during the course of this experience.

To introduce our final project, (my partners) Bella, Mat, and I had our classmates set up in a zodiac formation, symbolizing that for everything there is a time and a season. For me, the last six months were about Teacher Training – a serious, all-consuming, academic, physical, and spiritual pursuit. The next six months, well, remain to be seen.

In the meantime, I am thrilled to be back out and about, catching up with friends, making the rounds to June birthday parties, weddings, showers, and weekend getaways. And, as I turn the corner on my birthday, next week, I am also getting ready to start a new year of life, taking time alone to reboot, and prepare myself for a fresh, unwritten chapter. My current plan is to drop the seriousness and just have fun (and it feels fantastic).

In our culture, we place a bit too much emphasis on doing and perhaps not enough emphasis on being. As I unfurl from this experience, I’m less concerned about what’s next, as I am about what’s now. And what’s now, you ask?

Now is summer Fridays, Jersey beaches, Yankee games, barbecues, live music, warm nights, cold beers, and (ample) time to relax and spend time with the people I love.

I think most yogi(ni)s would agree: sometimes the best plan is not having one.

To the nearest beach, please. Photo by Ali.

To the nearest beach, please. Photo by Ali.