Two Yoginis

A journey of yoga, friendship, and transformation

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Illuminated Journey Begins

Just in time for the Full Moon in Leo, a lunar placement that celebrates doing that which makes your heart sing, Beth and I kicked off our first weekend of teacher training at Friday night’s orientation.

We have always agreed that the asana practice (the physical part of yoga) not only makes us feel great in our bodies, but that it also cultivates a sense of peace and wellbeing that goes deep into our souls. So, not knowing exactly where this road might lead, we decided to take on the challenge of teacher training wholeheartedly – coinciding perfectly with the celebratory, heart-centered energy of this particular full moon.

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Before orientation began, we were asked to take a few moments to meet the person next to us, learn about that person, and then introduce that person to the class. As luck would have it, I was sitting next to a fellow student named Courtney, who I had already gotten to know a little bit, since we often attend the same classes. I learned that we have a lot more in common than I realized (both originally from the great state of New Jersey and both work in Digital Marketing, even sharing some of the same clients). I enjoyed the exercise of introducing someone else, and taking the care to make sure I was relaying the information about that person correctly. It was sweet to go around the circle and hear what each person had learned about their neighbor in just a few short minutes. It became abundantly clear that “a lot in common” was a common thread.

After introductions, Stacey and Bryn (our teachers) went over all the “rules” (rule number one: never, EVER be late for teacher training) and curriculum, after which we met our “buddies” (our assigned partner to collaborate with on assignments, homework, etc.), our teams (small groups), and our mentors (one mentor for each group).

For some reason, Beth and I were convinced that we would not be put together as partners – that in the spirit of getting to know someone new, and thereby making the course more challenging, we would be assigned a random partner. So, when I opened my teacher training binder, and saw a little heart next to Beth’s name, I was genuinely shocked. For a moment, I thought maybe someone had literally given me the wrong binder. It took a beat to soak in that Beth and I would have the privilege of guiding, assisting, and inspiring each other through this experience.

Illuminated Journey - The Binder

Illuminated Journey – The Binder

As we walked home, through the cold, January air, in the bright light of the Leo Full Moon, it finally started to become real; that over the next four months, we were really doing this, walking the walk, deepening our practice, and developing a totally new capability that we would eventually be able to share. And not only would we have each other’s support, but also the support of our interesting, diverse classmates, our experienced mentors, and our knowledgeable teachers.

I still wasn’t sure exactly where I was going, but I did know that I would have plenty of capable guides to light my way.