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Exit the Dragon

During last weekend’s yoga teacher training session, we learned correct alignment of revolved poses (such as Parvrtta Trikonasana or “revolved triangle”). Unlike open poses or neutral poses, in which the midsection is centered in one plane, revolved poses involve twisting the midsection around the spine (yikes). Twists are challenging, both physically and mentally. As our teacher, Bryn, mentioned, they can bring up discomfort and agitation.

On Sunday, February 10th, we have a synchronistic meeting of two new energies: the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year – Year of the Black Water Snake. New moons symbolize a time of new beginnings, whereas the New Year represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. At a moment when all the major planets are moving forward, and as we transition from the Year of the Dragon (buh-bye dragon breath) into the Year of the Snake, we are being offered a golden opportunity to shed our skin, like the snake, and start anew.

Wandering in Chinatown, New York, NY

Following the signs in Chinatown, New York, NY

When we twist the body into a shape, we are implicitly asking the body to rid itself of toxic substances, thoughts, or emotions that might be blocking our energetic flow. We are literally wringing out the physical body, purging the old and making space for the new. This is not unlike shedding a skin. Like the snake, we are being asked to release that which is decaying and, therefore, no longer serving us. And even though we might not realize it (while we’re in the midst of getting that icky stuff out of our systems), on the other side of shedding a skin is total transformation.

As we round the corner from winter into spring, it’s time to get our twist on, both physically and energetically. Yes, take the time to stretch and twist the body; but also get started on that spring cleaning – donate some clothes, clear out the cabinets, swiffer the dust bunnies from underneath the bed. Spend more time with people that lift you up and less time with those that are maybe on a different path. Spend less time looking at old pictures of your ex and more time making new connections. Make it clear that you have SPACE for something new. Realize that that the holding on is actually a lot harder and more uncomfortable than the letting go.

We can experience a lot of discomfort in shedding a skin; after all, our skin is that which protects us from being exposed. However, at times it is necessary to feel the vulnerability of fresh, new skin to manifest a totally new experience. Twist, slither, hiss, slide, or curve – do whatever you gotta do, but get that molting done!

Happy New Moon in Aquarius and Happy Chinese New Year!